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11 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Linda Lee Says:

    Hi Haily~

    I TOTALLY understand you are disappointed that you did not win the backstage passes that the WYCD Cashman gave away at the Taylor Swift show. I thought you looked AWESOME, I really did LOVE your costume, the apron and foam finger and hat, ALL very cool! I personally, did not have ANY passes to give away, the WYCD Cashman had all of them, and selected the winners. I always feel bad, that unfortunately, not EVERYONE can win. There were a lot people like YOU, who dressed up, did a GREAT job, and still did not win. That is ONLY due to the fact, that the number of backstage passes that the radio station is given, is limited, and when they are gone, they are gone. I encourage you to follow your dream…..and I hope you are a HUGE success in whatever you do! Set your goals HIGH and REACH FOR THE STARS! God bless you Sweetie.

  2. haley stallings Says:

    im soooo sorry for being SO rude to you linda and thank you for the encoregment and im still sorry for what i said i was just really upset and i took it all on you if i would have just stoped and thought about what in the world i was doing i would have NEVER EVER been soooooo unkind and this is still not acceptable for what i’ve done and sooo very sorry……anyhoo i would like to know if you have any idea how someone could hear me sing and get me known becauses i have wanted to headline my own tour for my hole life!!! and sence your on the radio i was just wondering if you knew someone or something and you could get a hold of my somehow. And if this were to happen i would just love you to death forever and ever soooo im just another 12 with a BIG dream and i want it to become reallity sooooo bad……. and P.S. god bless you as well linda and thank you!

    • Linda Lee Says:

      Awww….it’s OK Haley and I accept your apology! ‘

      I’ve said things when I was upset, that I later regret saying too! No worries, it’s ALL GOOD! The BEST advice that I can give you is to: KEEP SINGING and practicing, and enter singing contests and every other thing you can think of to sing in FRONT of people and gain experience! If and when you are old enough, try out for American Idol too….that is a GREAT opportunity to “show the world what you can do”!!! I ALWAYS say: Set your goals HIGH and REACH for the STARS! With faith in God and yourself, ALL things are possible! So LIVE YOUR DREAM and I will be rooting for you!

      God bless you too, Linda Lee

  3. haley stallings Says:

    thanks linda your a real great friend!! and i will set my goals high and reach for the stars always! and when im famous (if i ever will be) i will be sure to thank you at the grammies and it will be because of you that I’ll be walking up those staires to accept whatever award it will be a true fariytale and it will be because YOU linda lee on 99.5 belived in me and I will do my very best to be on American idol and do my be to win!! and thank you its nice to know that someone like you belives in me linda and thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

  4. haley Says:

    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou *and god bless* thank you linda lee:)

  5. haley Says:

    im was just wondering linda if you ever get to see taylor swift at one of her concerts could you please tell her that when i die and go to heaven the first persone ill want to meet is you? *thanks god bless you*

  6. haley stallings Says:

    hi linda when you are at a taylor swift concert again for the radio could you tell her (if your lucky) tell her when i die and go to heaven the first persone ill want to meet is you? please please PLEASE?


    tell taylor swift if you go to another concert for the radio. if you see her w\WHEN I DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN THE FIRST PERSONE ILL WANT TO MEET IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Liz Wagner Says:

    Thsnk you, Lindalee for your response. Appreciated.

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